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    I’m mainly a weekend binge drinker (though throw in a couple on weekday nights) and have had regular blackouts since around age 25 (I’m 31 now)…thing I’ve noticed in the past year is I don’t just have hangovers anymore…after a night of drinking, now I’m up at 4 am, anxious, jittery, and can’t get back to sleep. Reaching a point where I’m going to quit cold turkey.

    Anyhow, told my friend 2 hours ago that I wasn’t going with him to some nightclub where the only thing to do is get wasted…he’s confused and upset with me, and I feel like I’ve let him down, being a bad friend, etc. Fact of the matter is this is what we’ve done for years as friends. The weekend rolls around and we hit bars, clubs, and drink heavily. Without that, I don’t know what we’d even do together. How do you all deal with this?

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