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    How do you know for sure you are an alcoholic.
    I personally don’t think I am. But since My wife quit she’s like an ex smoker.
    You know the worse kind of none smoker.
    She keeps throwing that word out at me and to others.
    I took that test and Feel I answered it Honestly. I got a three. The saw the next page it says if you score 4 or more you have a problem.
    From what I read if you deny it, You are one.
    If you say you are, You are.
    Kind of a catch 22 isn’t it?
    I have had the same job for 24 years. I don’t miss work because of alcohol.
    I have been hung over before, who here hasn’t.
    I have drank too much. I don’t really like being drunk. But I do enjoy the buzz I get after 3 or 4 and feel I have had enough at 6. Skipping days is not a problem. My job requires me to go to sea on a ship where we can’t have alcohol and I can be on there for a couple of weeks. Never has been a problem. After a long hot day working, we joke that it would be nice to have a cold one. But it’s not a big deal. I dont’ drink at home anymore because the wife don’t like it. I do have friends in town and at work I like to hang out with and have a few. I don’t go to bars though.
    So what is the definitive way to tell?

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