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    Not for the actual alcoholics but for the substance abusers out there like myself.

    My DOC was crack cocaine. I’ve had all of 3 joints in my life, not my thing. Tried a pill or two, meh, tried meth, not my type of high.. but that dang pipe just did something to me.

    Alcohol never was a problem, I’ve never been anything more than a social, beer at a football game, maybe a mixed drink on a date, club few shots type of drinker. yet, it’s been drilled into my head that if I have that I’m going to end up back in same spot I was in, I don’t believe that.

    I have been clean for a few weeks now, but i’ve had a few drinks.. had a drink last night actually while winding down. Then I went to sleep and woke up, like a normal person. I’m not a poly-substance abuser, I don’t abuse alcohol.

    But with that said, I have tried thins my way for a while and well lol, I’m here. But I honestly don’t see the harm in having a drink every now and then in a socially acceptable situation if I have proven before and after the addition with crack that I can handle it.

    It’s not, necessarily that “who are you trying to prove that you have to have it?” if you took alcohol off the face of the earth tomorrow, I really would not shed a tear. But, I am also of the school that, I don’t believe in self flagellation either, I’m not going to walk around punishing myself 24 x 7 Thoughts?

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