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    I see a lot of people post on here about the intense cravings being an integral part of active alcoholism. I can not relate to this at all as I never really had the cravings. I’ve always been a binge drinker and my last binge almost killed me but I’ve always had the ability to stop for long periods between binges and never had any cravings. A lot of binge drinkers seem to be able to stop for prolonged time periods but like myself go totally off the deep end when they do drink. I think that the only reason I’m still alive is the ability to stop for long periods of time.

    Years ago I attended a few AA meetings but just couldn’t relate to a lot of what was being said. The “powerlessness over alcohol” never made any sense to me as I could stop for long periods and not even think about it and every time I did drink I made the conscious decision not some unknown force that I was powerless over. I could also never relate to the cravings people talked about as when I wasn’t drinking I didn’t really think about it or focus on it. Does the ability to “turn it off” for long periods between binges make you different from the average alcoholic or am I rationalizing?

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