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    I go Friday morning for one of my acupunture treatments. This will be the first one I will get w/o opiates in my system. I’m sure the opiates covered up the true effects of the last two I’ve gotten. I get these treatments in my lower back area. It’s the “T” section.

    Has anyone benefited from these treatments? How high does the dial have to be turned up for it to work properly? The two I’ve gotten has been while I was taking Hydro 10’s and the dial was down real low. I get these treatments once every 5 to 6 weeks apart.

    I’m trying everything I can to avoid going back on the Hydro’s. My pain was made worse from a Prolotherapy injection done back in May 09′. My lower spinal cord is out of sinc. I’m doing exercises and wearing a stretchy belt thingy to hold it in place. The acupunture is supposed to activate the natural morphine we have in our bodies to help it feel better.

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any good suggestions for this type of procedure.


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