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    How much money did you spend a week on alcohol?

    After only 4 weeks off the booze I’ve already noticed a pleasing difference in my bank balance: 2 weeks since pay day and I’m still in the black!

    When drinking, the amount I was spending on booze was scaring me because on top of all my other monthly bills it meant my outgoings were beginning to significantly exceed my income. Ruinous financial meltdown began to loom large in my nightmares.

    Let me work out an average weekly booze bill. (I’m English, so the following figures are all in UK pounds.)

    Daily bottle of vodka, either 70cl or 1 litre, average cost about £14 depending on volume and brand. Cheap stuff being £10-£12 and nice stuff £16-£20. 14 x 7 = £98 a week.

    After work drink in pub before catching bus home, usually a pint and a half of guinness or cider. Average pint about £3 (the south of England is bloody expensive), so about £4.50 every weekday. 4.5 x 5 = £22.50 a week (not counting bar snacks).

    Weekends are very difficult to guage but I’ll say an extra £10 each weekend on beers or cider or various emergency supplies. I’d say that was fair.

    So we have 98 + 22.5 + 10 = £130.50 per week.

    And this is before adding all the snacks and biscuits amd newspapers and magazines and other rubbish I’d buy with them.

    So, £130.50 a week. There are four and a bit weeks in the average month, so I’ll multiply 130.5 by 4.3

    = £561.15 per month.

    It’s a shocking total. And I couldn’t have a day off or withdrawal would kick in.

    So, yes, I had a pleasant surprise today when I checked my bank balance. I think I might indulge in some retail therapy this weekend.

    How much did you spend per month?


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