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    I took this off another AA-related forum but thought it was good enough to re-post here.


    Start doubting you ability to stay sober.
    Deny your fears.
    Adamantly convince yourself that your never drink again.
    Decide being abstinent is all you need.
    Become overconfident about recovery.
    Avoid talking about your problems and recovery.
    Behave compulsively.
    Overreact to stressful situations.
    Start isolating yourself.
    Become preoccupied with one area of your life.
    Start having minor depressions.
    Live in the there and the then.
    Start idle daydreaming and wishful thinking.
    View your problems as unsolvable.
    Avoid having fun.
    Over-analyze yourself.
    Become irritated with others.
    Experience periods of confusion.
    Become easily angered.
    Begin doubting your are really an alcoholic.
    Eat irregularly.
    Progressively lose your daily routine.
    Experience long periods of deep depression.
    Live in the past or the future, not the now.
    Develop an “I don’t care attitude”.
    Openly reject help.
    Develop aches and pains.
    Feel powerless and helpless and have self pity.
    Feel sorry for yourself.
    Have fantasies about drinking.
    Completely lose confidence in yourself.
    Develop resentments and hang on to them.
    Stop attending meetings and reading recovery related material.
    Become overwhelmed with frustration and tension.
    Become hungry, angry, lonely, and tired.
    Hang around with drinkers.
    Convince yourself you are cured.

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