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    …at 8:00 this morning, which ridiculously early for me. I have never truly had a huge issue with alcohol, so I thought I might feel out of place. However, my sponsor is not an alcoholic either and always goes to AA meetings. Today she celebrated her 2 years of sobriety, so I wanted to go with her in honor of that. I actually ended up getting a lot out of it. Alcohol, while it has never been my DOC, has been the greatest evil in my journey into recovery. It is the hardest thing for me to avoid and say no to when it is offered. It is legal, socially acceptable, even encouraged, and it is everywhere. I can literally feel the addiction trying to switch from my DOC, which I left behind, to alcohol. I am so glad I went to this meeting because if I keep going it will keep me from drinking and relapsing into my DOC. I also met a few people at the meeting who I really identified with, and I felt comfortable enough to share. I thought that people might resent that I was there when I have never been an active alcoholic, but I am past the point of caring what other people’s issues are with me. I am just doing what I need to do and going where my HP takes me, and this morning that’s where I went. My sponsor is also going to go with me to NA meetings sometimes. I am also going to Nar-Anon to help me deal with my codependency issues and ABF. On top of that, I have this forum, Nar-Anon online, and Marijuana Anonymous online. I am also going to begin healing sessions with two separate energy healers I know and in addition will probably find a licensed therapist in the near future. I am literally swimming in meetings and completely immersing myself in this lifestyle.

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