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    so hey everyone. i’m having a problem. i need someone to give me some advice. i’ve talked to irl people about this including my doc and nothing has helped.

    2.5 months clean and i still am not really eating anything. i think its because my weight is so low. (i’ve heard that once you’re almost starving you aren’t hungry type thing). when i was in the hospital and then in rehab i had to get ivs a couple times. but now i just can’t eat.

    that’s not entirely true. sometimes i get hungry around 9pm and eat a good ammount, but even so, once a day every now and then is not really eating. and i know its making me feel like crap. i know i would feel a lot better if i was eating. i need to gain some dam weight. im always cold all the time and bruising myself on crap. i thought this was going to get better.

    my doc gave me “anti-nausea” medication which of course made me puke. when i’ve not been eating for a long time i usually just smoke some weed and that’s helped before–especially to get over the hurdle of just starting to eat and then you’re appetite comes back. but i don’t know if i should go there. i just know i can’t do this indefinitely because im going to keep being really sick and i hate being sick which is why i quit in the first place. everyone tells me to work out but im tired and bony and dead and i can’t! 🙁 i’m getting really frustrated and pissed.

    i should just start one thread and stop clogging. but anyway how do i eat food somebody!?!


    Can you do some healthy nibbles……it is easier for me……almonds are good, a cup of yogurt…a glass of milk….baked wheat crackers…dried fruits….???


    How about a protien powder? Do you like milk shakes? You could add some to the food you can handle and it would help with extra calories. Also, if you can, have your doctor check to see if you are dehydrated…..I have known where people cant eat when they are and as soon as they get some fluids in them, they get hungry. What about anemia? You mentioned bruising, and with not eating, if you are anemic, you need iron and b12, the doc can give you a shot for this. Start slow and have a little several times a day, eat whatever you can stomache, slowly build yourself up again. Also, did the doc. give you something to swallow or a suppository for the nausea? Phrenregan is wonderful. Keep us posted!!!
    Love Liss


    I also dont eat enough … But i try to eat someting snacky like Live surggested there full of protiens n stuff and you dont feel as if you have eaten a big meal. It makes the pain go away…!

    Lives choices are Bang on, eggs n toast, light simple tasty things…!

    Its not expensive to eat well,…!

    Good Luck Honi as i totally understand as i normally have NO appitiete…!

    :Val004: Takce Care of yourself Mrs M,…X :C023:


    Hmmmm. I just ate some bread and cheese, but as I eat I feel all hot and nauseated. Its a struggle to get it down. I’ll try getting some nuts thats a pretty good idea. I also could be dehydrated as its like 95 and dry here right now and i don’t drink a lot of water. Then again water makes me throw up sometimes. idk, this is just frustrating.


    Start slow with small meals many times a day. I would try and do 5-7 small meals a day, or build up to that.
    One of the best things you could probably do is start drinking ensure until you can eat. It is loaded with vitamins. It’s what they give you when you are anorexic and are trying to build you back up to eating.
    But I would set a goal to try and get back on solid foods definately.

    Any way you can go see a nutrionist?

    What kind of foods do you like?


    This might sound too simple, but how about just making yourself a meal, trying to balance it as much as possible, then sitting your hiney down in the chair, in front of the plate, and picking up the fork (spoon, chopsticks, whatever…)? Eat until you can’t eat, but try it, at least several times a day, or like Done said, 5-7x a day, though that might be a little daunting to make 7 meals. Cereal with milk, a granola bar, a piece of fruit for breakfast. Grilled cheese, a bowl of soup, something lunch-like.

    You might find, after cooking for yourself awhile, that you actually like to cook. Many people find it relaxing. I like cutting & chopping ingredients, enjoying the different smells as they cook. I’m alone for the first time in, like, forever, and I had scrambled eggs and friend potatoes with onions, hot peppers & parsley fresh from my garden. It was great!

    Or grab somebody who looks trustworthy at a meeting & ask them to come eat with you. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to invite somebody for a bowl of soup and a PB&J, and if you’re enjoying a little conversation at the same time, your mouth might not even know its chewing!

    I’m really glad to see you back in the land of the living, sister. Seriously and sincerely.

    Peace & Love,


    I too am very thin and have trouble making myself eat. I used to love stuffing my face. Nothing made me want a plate of nachos more than a few beers. Then I stopped eating nachos and just drank more beer. Thats when I came here. Anyway, I don’t eat well when its hot out and when I’m under stress. I have to make myself otherwise I get sick and tired. Ask yourself: “What is the one thing I can choke down right now?” Even if it’s something weird, eat it. I’ve asked myself this found that some days I can only manage to eat a salad from Whole Foods (grocery store) or that I want mashed potatos and tuna (ew!?). I also keep Carnation instant breakfast in the house. Its a vitamin fortified powder that is mixed with milk or soy milk for a high calorie, high protein shake. If water makes you sick, drink juice or gatorade. I prefer fizzy water. The bubbles help my stomach. Also, Benadryl is a mild anti-nasuea drug-but it knocks you out.

    Take care


    My secret my dreaded question used to be: What did you eat today?
    Only two or three people knew me well enough to ask.
    The protein drinks, which I thought I could subsist upon are very hard on the stomach.
    I thought I could fast on herbal teas.
    I still sometimes do. About once a week.
    I have no inclination to cook.
    We keep Michelina’s dinners (microwavable) in the freezer. 4 minutes and I have a portion (not enough) of pasta and cheeses and etc. They are tasty and no trouble.
    And…umm…what is wrong with eating tuna out of the can? And I love mashed potatoes….just it is sometimes “too much trouble” to go about getting them.
    So…….I get food from restaurants and put it in the frig. I call it bachlorette cooking even tho’ I am now married. My hubby enables me in this. I am grateful.!
    He has two ham & cheese sandwiches and a swiss mushroom burger (okay, not the healthiest, but I do eat alot of yogurts etc and am very careful about my lunches at work) in the frig now. I am grateful. Without those, I would drink herbal tea and think about the people in Africa who sustain themselves on blades of grass ….as an excuse not to eat.



    But I mix my mashed potatos and tuna together in a big gloppy mess! mmmmm.

    My husband thinks it’s weird.

    I eat lots of yogurt too. I don’t really like it but it’s healthy, convenient and mild on the stomach.


    hubby has developed a love for frozen yogurt….says it is better than iced cream!
    Me……I am still trying to drink enough water for a day!
    I will eat your tuna ….if’n you cook the mashed potatoes!
    eeegads….I am lazy!


    M, I know what your saying when you say you feel sick even thinking of food…! Me too, i do go without food too much aswell… I think the sceret is alittle n often the dried fruit n nuts will help, you.Loads…!

    I find if its a big meal i wont EVER eat it all. Yep n try to drink more…Yer I know…blah blah… but its one of them things like brushing your teeth…:lmao You got to get into it… Just sip at it, if its too much. Try not to make the food look big as it might put you off…!

    Keep Checking in with us sweetie. :bundance :bundance

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