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    I’ll be the first to admit it… i’m a dope. I was prescribed Hycodan for bronchitis about a month or month and a half ago, and when that cleared up, i was known to take it after a rough night of work. The euphoria was incredible for me. I didn’t think I would need it again so soon, and i intended to throw it out.

    Now I have the flu, and have been prescribed it again. I am very afraid of getting “hooked” on it. I haven’t been taking it EVERY night, but let’s say once or twice a week, until I caught this flu.

    I am going to throw the bottle out. My question is, how long are we looking at before someone is physically dependent? I know it’s a matter of opinion, but I guess I am looking for advice… I don’t want to get hooked (but it is also amazing for suppressing this unproductive cough)… I am sorry if I offend anyone, and I am appreciative of everyone’s thoughts.

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