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    I know I have a drinking problem and have had this problem since about the age of 21. I mean in the last 2 months there have been 3 incidents from drinking.

    1. Went camping got really drunk because I drink really quick and in large quantities. I had around 15-20 beers and well I blacked out, fell in a fire and had almost 3rd degree burn on my ankle.

    2. Went camping again to a different place, drank a lot we were loud and the end result was getting kicked out of cam site on first night. As well out of like 9 of us I was the only one that got arrested and put into drunk tank. Wasnt charged nor ticketed. Once again blacked out.

    3. The very next night got hammered at a friends place and played fooseball and euchre all night and eventually blacked out and passed out in garage, where my friends had to lift me inside onto the couch.

    4. This past Friday I got really drunk right after work while playing golf, than going to a restaurant than to a club. I had 5 tall boys while golfing 9 holes, like 5 pints at restaurant and maybe 2 beers at pool hall and 2 or 3 beers at club. I than blacked out and took a taxi home well tried too. I passed out and he for some reason thought I wasnt going to pay so called the cops and than I snapped on the cabbie which I had the money but had to take it out of ATM, the cab fee was 37$ and for some reason i took 200 out of bank machine but dont remember. i only gave cabbie 40 thank god. Than this girl I really liked I guess I called her like 12 times at 1 30 in morning not even realizing it. So she woke up next day and saw all the missed calls and snapped on me now were not dating because of that and other issues that were alcohol related.

    So thats 4 issues in last like 40 days, I cant continue to hurt those around me and most importantly continue to hurt myself.

    Another incident last week I got drunk by myself while playing xbox and drank 11 beers in a sitting and had to work next morning. Once again I blacked out and woke up at 3am realizing I had to be at work in 3 hrs and didnt have alarm set.

    I am sad, confused, lost and just know I ll be much happier without alcohol.

    Sorry for the long write up

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