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    i am comin up on one year of sobriety and have been strugglin with the support from my husband. i kept my using a huge secret and a year ago i entered detox for the first time in my life. My husband and i started our relationship years prior and both of us and our friends had a lot of social/party using in our lives. this mainly consisted of booze and pot, until i became a nurse and was working in hospitals with lots of other available drugs. I became addicted to opiates, benzos, etc. i have ridden my life of all substances, attend multiple NA/AA meetings a week, chair meetings, and am very involved in my program.

    but is it wrong of me to expect my husband to be more supportive and stop his booze and pot habit in order to protect my own sobriety? there is a jar of pot in our garage as we speak, and beers trickle into our fridge after ive asked many times to have this be an “alcohol” free home. We are only 27, have no children, and our friends still are hanging out many times a week and our home is sometimes where people end up for the night to “hang” along with beer and pot.

    he seems to think that someday i will be back to smoking and drinking with everyone again, and that is devastating to comprehend. i dont think he understands…. but after many attempts to try and get him involved in my recovery, he shys away…

    lost… thinking about moving out back to my moms until things are straightened up because i cant seem to get away from it all… even if he isnt home drinking and smoking, he is coming home drunk and high…

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