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    Before I get started, I just want to let people know that I am not looking for advice, or lectures, or comfort, or pity, or people telling me she got what she deserved, or anything like that. What my friend did is her own fault and she’s paying the piper for it but it makes me upset anyway and I just want to let it out so I can not have the desire to use, because I do, in the back of my mind, and I just want to get this sh*t out…
    Tuesday morning, police did a warrant sweep here in my city. Picked up my best friend’s former girlfriend, still room mate. On Sept. 24th, 2008, she got into a large accident with my truck. Totalled two vehicles and ramming another. Claiming she fell asleep at the wheel, I knew better. She either purposely got high or someone slipped something in one of her drinks at her first job (she’s the stripper friend I have), like they liked to do at her second job (which she no longer worked at- the place where my drink got spiked). Either way, I don’t know and it’s irrelevant now, history, really.. Except that they charged her with Criminal Damaging, took her license and put her on 5 years probation. Anyway, in July, she got very ill with a life threatening infection and was hospitalized for a month. Her PO put a warrant out for her. And she really F***ed up not turning herself in, once she was healed (it took another month and a half at home, changing her dressings twice a day and junk like that, I was there and let me tell you EWWWW), and getting this thing taken care of. So, sure enough, the piper comes a calling and they get her, take her downtown and she was able to make a couple calls since then, before her arraignment. She’s scared. She’s lonely. The guards tell her to sit down and shut up every time she asks a question. She’s crying. Won’t eat or sleep. I got her some money on the books, whatever that is. I just know she can use it to get phone cards, food, clothing stuff, and whatnot..Anyway, we go to court this morning and the judge doesn’t even budge. He keeps her bond at 25 grand (which a cleaning lady, McDonald’s employee- her brother- and a DJ- my best friend, could not possibly come up with) and didn’t even let her talk, except to plea. Yet lets off a guy who robbed a couple and had cocaine in his possession, two guys who beat their wives/gf’s, and another guy whom was charged with burgarly. ALL had LOWER bonds than her (she was charged with Criminal Damaging -again even though she damaged nothing-, probation violation, and fleeing- which she had ONE foot out the door, that’s not fleeing, that’s thinking about fleeing or attempting to flee, come on!). We brought her younger brother with us. He’s dying to see his sister. We can’t see her until tomorrow, which they only have ONE hour, early in the AM, for visiting.. I saw her and I just cried. My heart goes out to this young lady. She looks like she hasn’t eaten or slept. She looks scared. I wanna get her out so bad. I forgave her, and she’s made payments, to me, on the truck. She only has 300 bucks to go. I wanna tell the judge how the hell do you expect her to pay for this stuff when you lock her up? I know she messed up. I DO! I know she deserves a few days in jail for not getting straight with the PO, but CHRISTMAS! MOTHER PLUCKING CHRISTMAS! Are they serious? And why are they being so extra tough on her..
    I just don’t know. Man. It makes me sad. I don’t really want to use, as that would just be of no good in any sense of the word, but it’s in the back of my mind because I can do NOTHING to help her. I know she made her own bed. Hell, I slept in her bed last night, just to make her doggy’s happy. They miss her. The babies cry like, well, babies…
    I just needed to get that out. I hope no one minds. I know my style and language can be a bit much for people sometimes, and yes, I realize a lot of drama follows me around and I get up in the middle of it.. I got it. I know.
    And my boyfriend doesn’t get it. I don’t want him to feel sorry for her, just hold me cause I just don’t know what to do and I know I cannot do anything. It’s all in the system’s hands. But he could also be a little less “She deserves it, I hope they keep her.” and laughing about it. The laughing part really p***es me off, and he’s right about her deserving it, in a way. She did mess up. Honestly, I know she knows it too. But that just doesn’t take away how my heart goes out to her. I forgave her. She’s been, for the most part, a good person. She has a good heart. She just messed up. First, when she wrecked my truck (I didn’t talk to her or my best friend for months because of it), and then second when she didn’t square with her PO.
    Ok, I am rambling and repeating myself. I just need to get somewhere and get it off my chest. Whew.

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