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    Hello, my name is Patricia, and I have been dealing with a crack addition since 2007, at first it was just trying to fit in and be a part of the croud, then my mom passed at the end of that year, and I went down hill from there, I lost my home that I had for 9 years, my new car that I had for 6 months, and my self asteem. I packed up and moved out of state in hopes to get better, I lived in NY for 3 months, and then moved back here to NC and was clean for 6 more months, I got 2 jobs, and an apartment, and thought my life was back on track; oh how wrong I was, I moved into my apartment in Aug. of 2009 and by dec. I was right back where I started with my addiction.
    I have been able to hold on to my apartment, I am now self-employed, and I also have a part time job, there are days when I think, oh i can handle it, just one hit is all I need, talk about fooling myself, I dont get high every day, just once a week, but what I spend that one day is bad enough, then I try to convince myself I can kick this…so here I am. I haven’t used in a couple of days, and I am hoping these couple of days are the begining of a brighter outlook, I am so delighted that I have found this site so that I have somewhere to turn, stories to read, and hope for myself…

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