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    …and now my insides are all tickly. It feels like there’s a herd of buffalo and a tribe of injuns in my colon.

    There’s a new guy at work that keeps openly snorting cocaine at break time and no one seems to give a ****. Is this evidence of a new era of individual freedom or just really annoying because I have to hear him talk about NASCAR or some other **** no one cares about.

    He says he suffers from chronic narcolepsy (this is the night shift, to be fair) and he’s been violently intolerant of RX’d methamphetamine and all phenethylamine derived stimulants in relevant usage. Caffeine is not strong enough. His doctor knows about it and doesn’t have a problem with it if it’s helping him, but is equally frustrated because he’s unable to prescribe it to him since big daddy Marxist has made sure that the poor little feeble canadian proletariats will never get a snoutfull of the devil’s cotton.

    My question to you bunch is do you think there should be legal exemptions under special circumstances for a case like this or do you think that cocaine should remain totally and utterly BANANA’D like a monkey’s lunch?

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