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    Today is one year sober for me. I can’t find the words to explain how great it is not to
    Race to the beer store as soon as I get off work.
    Pass out at 8 Oclock.
    Drive somewhere anytime without looking in the rearview mirror.
    Wake up without a hangover.
    Do anything past 5 Oclock without first thinking (How and when can I get drunk)
    Waking up and going (Did I actually hit send after typing that Email).
    Walking around talking to myself,calling myself an idiot all day because I hit “send” or did something else stupid while I was drunk.
    Taking something apart and loosing the pieces and not remembering where I put them.
    Turning on the TV and not watching the same movie over and over and over because there is nothing else on or I am to drunk to care about looking for anything else.
    Wake up every morning saying I’m not going to drink today knowing very well after lunch a beer is going to sound better and by 5 there won’t even be a contest.
    Get in my car and clean out the beer can nest and hilariously wondering if the neighbors see all these beer cans.
    The phone rings in the evening and I’m actually not afraid answer it.

    Those are just the things I came up with in about 10 minutes. I could come up with tons more.

    I don’t know but something happened just after the 9 month mark. I have only been to 2 AA meetings in the last 3 months. And I don’t post on here very often anymore. It’s like something drastic changed and I can’t relate anymore. Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m just one sip away from going back to that list up above. But I just feel there isn’t much danger of that happening anymore, and I can’t really talk about the addiction. Because I have no desire to drink.
    I am going to an AA meeting tomorrow to get my 1 year coin. I feel kind of bad because I just disappeared and left some people up in the air that really helped me. I might get back into going regularly in the future,but for now I have so many things to do to keep me busy.
    I still thank the man upstairs everyday for keeping me sober and always realize things that happen are his plan , not mine.
    Life really is soooo much better sober.

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