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    Hello My name is Rodney and I’m a recovering addict. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer about 2 months ago and there was no other option than surgery. So I talked with my doctor about my addiction to pain killers and he was very concerned and said he would take the necessary steps to help me with it. But he also said that I was going to have to take some pain killers because I would not be able to handle the pain. well I went thru surgery and after surgery they were giving me toradole “I’m not sure thats spelled right.” Thru my Iv and that was working fine well the last morning I was there they ran out so I said I would tough it out “NOT a good thing the Dr came in seen how much pain i was in a immediately gave me two norco 5 which I was very grateful for because the pain was really bad. well after that he prescribed me 15 norcos to take home and because when the pain came back it came back with a vengeance. I took them as they were prescribed because I had a 15 yr love hate relationship with opiates, Lorcets,Methadone,Oxys,Norcos,Percocets. You get the picture. well after the 15 ran out i was still in terrible pain so I called and said I need a some more and he agreed so he wrote me 30 to take 3 times a day. so I did and the pain is finally gone and well I took my last norco Monday night. I was expecting the withdrawals and well they came Tuesday morning. I felt really bad I had the jitters and really all I wanted to do was sleep. so in my 15 yr addiction I had read somewhere that you could sleep thru minor withdrawals like this so luckily I had some lunesta and I took just enough to in duce sleep. well today is Thursday and I feel great. all the while I was going thru the minor withdrawals I was praying one minute at a time some times on second at a time. and let me tell you it works if you work it. I called my sponsor told him what had happened and would this effect my sobriety date because I am coming up on 6 months and didn’t want to blow it. He said don’t worry you did the right thing and no My sobriety date is still in effect and that he was proud of me and he knew i could do it. I just wanted to post this because today There is two of those norcos still in the bottle and I have no desire to take them. I just thought i would share this with 12 Step National Meetings and maybe this will help someone that is going Thur the same thing. I am so grateful for my Recovery I went to any length to protect it and still have it. I am also grateful to all my Friends in AA that supported me thru this and I just cant say enough about the AA program. I am also Grateful to my Higher power whom I choose to call god. Thanks for letting me share.

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