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    I followed my budget and was able to make all the payments except my property insurance. (Fingers crossed there won’t be a fire there for another two weeks).
    I made my bankruptcy payment, paid my mother, bought food and gas and minutes for my phone, paid my gym fees so that I can work on losing weight.
    My problem is – this means, that I will have no money to drink. I don’t have cravings. I’m glad that I won’t have the money to drink as this means I have to stay sober for the next two weeks but I’m scared not to drink.
    I have been sober here and there and it felt great. I paid a visit to the fabric store for the first time in months and saw so many fabrics that I would die for. I know that i would rather spend the money on fabric or save for another sewing machine (how i wish i hadnt sold it. that and my dress form).
    I have two more payments and my bankruptcy will be discharged.
    Anyway at the end od December I’ll be able to pay for school so some evenings will be busy at least some of the time and I am looking into volunteering opportnities.
    Im just talking. If spend the money on booze and dont have money for gas the week before payday I will be seriously pissed at myself.

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