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    Ok it has been almost 10 months…yes 10 months. Spent this last weekend camping with the immediate family and more. 11 at our camp and others coming and going.

    I had a nice time and I noticed that most of them do not get hammered (as I always did). What I did notice is that Mr. LTT drinks more than I thought he did and when he says or does something stupid everyone tells me that I did much worse blah…blah.

    Is this what I have to learn to live with? All the times that I was stupid are going to come back and bite me? He had to go take a nap on the 4th of July and everyone compared it to me. I don’t like this but I am afraid that I am not going to be able to stop it. Perhaps that is why Mr LTT would like me to drink because it would take the focus off of him? Hmmm? :c020:

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