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    I relapsed pretty hard this week…
    I thought I was doing so well 🙁 I Made it a week sober, which I haven’t done in years! But then the insomnia kicked in and I got desperate to sleep again and drank. and kept drinking (to the point of drunk) for 4 nights this week.
    I don’t know why I do this 🙁 I’m kind of drunk now as we speak. And I’m feeling so low and horrible.
    My ex husband is out drinking and partying and seems to be having the best time of his life. And it feels like I am stuck behind. And sometimes it feels like I will never be happy again. I feel so low right now 🙁 I feel like a failure. Like a bad mother. Like a person with no point and no self control.
    I’m so sorry to take your time with even reading this. But I don’t usually reach out to others… and am trying to do so more because I’m tired of living like this :,( Thanks for even listening

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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