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    Hi all,

    I recently took Vicodin again *I was off it for like 3 months*, and am an opiate addict as obvious. I never took huge amounts or anything but I just did enough to get high, but as always got addicted… was on it for a while.

    I recently was off it like I said then took it without telling someone who had them and they *controller of house* was greatly offended/etc and now controls my pills/etc and locks their door, I just feel embarrassed and also feel I insulted them and did a sin. Well… I however kind of feel good, because now I know I do not have to have the temptation of it being around.

    It’s just like my mother with the alcohol always being around back when I was a big alkie, when I tried to stop it was ALWAYS AVAILABLE and that is a difficult element in recovering drinkers. Just saying… what’s my point well just venting it out, sometimes a warden can keep an idiot under control. LoL… I feel so dumb :].

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