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    I passed with flying colors! :c014:

    I had gone to a resort for my moms 60th birthday,her request to have my brother/wife,uncle/wife and me/wife go and celebrate,she even paid for it,for some reason she just wanted this badly.Even said she couldnt sleep night before because she was so excited! wtf?

    Anyhow,we went yesterday morning and my alcoholic uncle and his wife,drove with us in my car stinking of night before drink stink,(it smelled nasty on the 2hour trip in my car)! They brought a 30 pack of beer along,thats their problem,not mine so I wont discuss that.

    Everybody was skeptikal on drinking in front of me,cant blame them since I recently quit drinking.I explained that it doesnt bother me and is not gonna tempt me into a relapse,again they were skeptikal.Well,my wife and I went to play bingo,it was in a bar,i got my wife a blue alcohol something drink and myself a virgin strawberry daquiri(never drank these sweet drinks,i only drank beer).I recently began experimenting with sweets and kinda like it so I enjoyed my frozen strawberry drink with whipped cream on top.Didnt bother me at all that it had no alcohol,that would have wrecked the taste anyway!

    We went to a show and by then everybody,except my parents and wife were buzzing pretty good,it was funny cuz I was watching the transformation from sober to drunk,I never did that before,I was always joined in the group of drinkers getting drunk too.By the time dinner came my uncle and his wife were trashed,my brother/wife maybe a lil buzz(he and wife are light social drinkers).I remained sober and my wife had 1 drink.All I could think was that I was usually plastered like my uncle/wife and acted and stunk just like them,what an embarrassing thought.

    After dinner they went to the nightclub and me and my wife went back to the room for some snacks and (stuff)lol.It was the best time I had in so many years! I had 0 temptation as I no longer drink and am enjoying my life so much now sober.Drinking is no longer controlling my life so I was at peace the whole day and night on this trip.I laughed harder at the comedy show than I have laughed in years! and I thought drinking was what made fun,boy was I wrong for all these years! I can honestly say I had a blast,did things/activities instead of getting drunk and lazy.My parents even said they were proud of me this morning,thats unusual! lol

    Anyhow,its been 17 or 18 days now alcohol/weed free and my whole life is improving in so many different ways.I still have a problem sleeping tho,only average 4-6 hours a night and its not a good sleep.Also still have broken ribs so I cant do any fun physical stuff yet,my mind wants to but its just too painful so Ill wait until I heal up.My marriage is totally different,its actually turning into a loving relationship again,my wife and kids like being around me now.

    Im not bragging trying to rub salt in the wounds of those who are still struggling but letting them know that it really is true that sober IS better,and IS possible if you really want it and make an effort to stop.If you asked me 3 weeks ago if I thought I could REALLY stop drinking,my *honest* answer would have been no f’n way! but I’d have probably lied and said yeah,of course I could,its an alcoholic thing!

    I hope this post can make somebody inspired enough to give it a real go at quitting drinking,not a half-azzed try again.Its worth it,and Im still very new at living a life without alcohol,cant wait for the future now!

    Thanks for listening,just figured I should update my friends here since I havent been around much,Ive been busy! :danse1b:

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