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    I have posted things on here before about my drinking problem. just wanted to let every one know that I had my baby boy yesterday, by c section. he weighs almost 8 pounds, and is 20 inches long. he is so handsome and sweet, so precious. i am so in love with him already. i feel so ashamed of some of the stuff I did during my pregnancy. like some light drinking, and some of my dxm over doses. I wish it had never happened. but I can’t take back the past. He seems healthy, and he checks out well with the pediatrition. his mouth quivers a little bit, which worries me, about with drawls possibly. but the doctor says it can be normal for new borns to do that when first born. and could be some slight withdrawls from some of my anti depressants i was taking. what do you think. I just will die if i hurt him in any way.

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