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    Hello hello….Melissa here. Im having an issue. Its a kinda long story, but i’ll make it short and sweet. I was with a man for 5 years, and then i left him because he was getting in the way of my addiction. Sad i know, but im sure im not the only one. Anyways, when i left him i got with another addict. Surprise surprise…well i dont know if i fell in love with him, or made myself believe i loved him, because he had drugs, no matter which one it was I had love for this man. I’ve decided to get clean, left him and got back with the other guy. The guy i was with for 5 years. But now the he wont leave me alone. He says he’s in love with me, and he cant live without me, and i very much believe he feels this way. He says he’s getting clean, but i dont believe him. He’s a compulsive liar, way more than ur everyday addict. He lies about EVERYTHING. Im not in love with him but i care for him so much. I know he doesnt need to be in my life, and because of our history I dont want him in my life but he wont leave me alone!! If i dont talk to him he starts calling my friend and my mother . I guess to see what im doing or what not. I really dont know why he does it.My current boyfriend HATES him and i understand why. What the hell do i do? Is this one of the instances that i need to veto him from my life, whether it hurts me or not? I would say so…but….i dunno, i wish he would jus move on with his life, do something good for himself, get clean, find some ambition and goals….etc…I guess in a way i feel if im not there 4 him, he wont get any better. I jus wish i could live my life, jus my family and i, (my daughter, and her daddy) and not have to worry about any one else. I cant just stop worrying and caring about him. I feel so stuck. Oh and i shortened my story substantially, so if somethings dont make much sense thats why. Can i have some input on this. That’d be wonderful.


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