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    Hi my name is Franie. I have been drinking heavily for about three years. At least a bottle and a half of wine for the last year. I decided on Saturday to stop drinking – and have not had a drink since. I am lucky that I have not experienced too many withdrawal symptoms yet. I decided to stop as I finally realised that it was affecting my relationship with my children and husband.

    I have a lovely husband and three beautiful daughters so have no reason to medicate with alchol. My childhood was not the best – but I feel that it is not appropriate to blame my drinking on something which took place over thirty years ago.

    My husband has, in the past, said that he thinks I drink too much. He has no idea of the extent of my drinking and I will not be telling him any time soon. I have put them all through so much – I was very depressed for a long time and am only just comming out the other end. I can’t burden him with this as well.

    I just need a little support and a space where I can be honest about what I am trying to acheive. There is no sense of achivement when nobody really knows what you are trying to achieve – also I am not daft – there is also nobody to see you fail.

    Any advice welcome.


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