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    Hey ya’ll. Being that I live in North Carolina, you can really tell that the season is getting ready to change, and spring is coming. With each new season, I don’t know why, but a sort of depression sets in. And, I’ve noticed with each change of season, I begin to think about using and I don’t know why. Today, it has been overwhelming, plus, after being laid off for a while, my husband is now out of town with work and I’m alone. Plus, I’ve been tapering off of the Suboxone, yet, my craving is not for opiates, it’s for coke. I know this sounds wacked, but, maybe it’s because I haven’t experienced too many sober seasons and this is only the second spring I’ve experienced clean, in more than ten years, Idk.
    I’m just beginning to think that I’m always gonna feel this way, always fighting to stay clean…No matter how much my life has improved in the last seventeen months, I still hear that pipe calling my name. I’m just so discouraged at the moment.


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