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    Finally I have found some sort of support option that didn’t include sitting in a group of people I normally didn’t have much in common with other than an addiction problem. Now I can hopefuuly get some support, and give some, really anonimously.

    Been sober since Sunday, and although my resolve is fairly strong, I know from past experience that it’s not always as strong as I would like. I have drank every weekend for about 8 years, so the coming weekend will be a test. I have been a heavy binge drinker for about 27 years, quit drinking for a year about 8 years ago, (Court ordered due to a DUI, and wife ordered as well). Then I came back strong….in fact in the last 2 years I found a way to binge heavy about 4 nights a week, which became having to have an eye opener at least 2 or 3 mornings a week, which led to sipping down a 12 pack most days, then about half a bottle of Vodka a night. Vicious cycle for me.
    Well I drove home drunk again Sunday AM after getting to the bar at 9AM Saturday for the World Cup game and proceeded to drink until 1AM. I made it home, but the wife and my son were gone when I staggered through the door. She wanted to scare me because I told her I wasn’t gonna even have a sip, until I texted her at 10AM saying it was just gonna be a few….which turned into a nasty war of texts messages. Well after having to sit through my sons all star game on Sunday with the shakes…even though I had about 3beers and 6 shots of Vodka earlier in the day, I decided that I was gonna quit for good! During the game I felt like Shooter in the movie Hoosier’s, played by Dennis Hopper.

    As I said I am only 5 days in, but I feel better already, and I am happy to be alive, and hopeful to make some friends who can help me along this long journey.

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