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    I’m not sure how many of you have city papers that print mugs of convicted DUI’s, but mine does.

    It’s been a long time and I finally settled it. I’ve been sober ever since and I’ve been active in various programs (including here at 12 Step National Meetings) since, but it was still kinda embarrassing to have me all drunk in print. It’s been well over a year…

    Look, I’ve never denied that I drank and drove, but it kinda hurt to have my mug displayed for anyone interested. No mention of the progress I’ve made. No mention of all the steps I’ve taken to help myself. Just a sad mugshot of a very drunk Tex.

    Cry two tears in a bucket right? What rhymes with “bucket”? What can I do, except keep pushing on…” God bless you 12 Step National Meetings…. let’s keep on keepin’ on…

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