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    After a wonderful month and a bit, I gave in to extreme temptation during the AWESOME hockey game last night…I drank my usual bottle of wine, then ventured out to the pub for a couple of pints…

    I don’t know why I did it, except lately my anxiety has been terrible lately so I was looking for a brief escape, and the excitement of the game sent me over the edge..haha.. but I know those are really just excuses…

    but all laughing aside, I’ve been awake since 6:30 am due to guilt. Over the last sober month I would have dreams of drinking only to wake up to the realization that thankfully, they were only dreams. This morning not so, yes I did indeed drink and am slightly hungover.:c021:

    The only seemingly good thing about this is after not drinking for a month, I still see nothing has changed and what goes from a good few hours of escape and thrills, inevitably and without fail, turns into pain(my stomach) and more guilt then one can take…so STILL NOT WORTH IT.

    I thought accepting that I am an alcoholic and that I cannot drink would somehow keep me from drinking, that a new chapter had begun and I was finally done. I was doing soo well too, although I had been craving over the weekend….

    I have to keep this day in the forefront of my mind, I hope I don’t slip again because I really do desire to quit for good and live a completely alcohol free lifestyle, even when the best damn hockey game EVER is on…hehe…;-)



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