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    I’ve never been to a meeting. I’ve had the priviledge of going to jail twice though. I’m athiest, I have the big problem, but my wife is an alcoholic as well, she doesn’t want to admit it. I’m weak and it makes it difficult for me to maintain sobriety when she wants to drink.. by myself, I think I would be ok. i need someone to call when the idea of drinking comes up.someone to help me say no. is this possible. should I just try to do this on my own.


    justsomeguy if you are looking for a sponsor why not go to an AA meeting? There are tons of them in the Dallas area. Call the AA hotline in your area and ask about beginners meetings, also ask if they have any groups for athiest and agnostics.

    The best way to get a sponsor in AA is to simply ask someone to be your temporary sponsor, when you do this be honest and let them know you are an athiest, some folks who sponsor people have a hard time sponsoring someone who is an athiest, some do not.

    I have not sponsored an athiest, but I am sponsoring an agnostic right now and I would have no problem sponsoring an athiest, the only thing I ask of a sponsee is the following:

    1. Are you an alcoholic? (This one can be discussed)
    2. Are you willing to set aside any prejudices you may have against others?
    3. Are you willing to go to any length to get and stay sober?

    I have a Higher Power of my understanding, my agnostic sponsee has a Higher Power of his understanding that is totally different then mine.

    A Higher Power is simply something that has more power then you and is more powerful then alcohol, it can be your sponsor, it can be an AA group or AA as a whole.

    The primary way that AA helps someone get and stay sober is by helping others find a Power greater then them selfs that can help them solve thier problems.

    One thing that most sponsors, including myself ask of a new sponsee is for the sponsee to call the sponsor every day and at least 2 other people in AA. This accomplishes several things:

    1. It gets you used to calling people.
    2. It allows you & your sponsor to get to know each other better.
    3. By calling other folks in AA you get to know other people in the program to where if you feel like having a drink and you can not get hold of your sponsor there are other people you feel comfortable talking to.
    4. It helps the people you call stay sober as well as you.


    If you want a washing machine, go to an appliance store.

    If you want a sponsor, go to AA.

    That’s where they are.

    I might suggest you call your local AA telephone number, it’s in the white pages under Acoholics Anonymous.

    I am glad you found us, and I wish you the best,



    Be careful, I have NEVER found anyone in an AA meeting that might sponsor me WHO DOESN’T HAVE AN ALCOHOLIC PAST!!

    In other words the whole bunch are “flawed individuals” who are just trying to do life one day at a time. For that reason and some others, I have found that the folks in AA meetings seem to be forgiving and understanding of someone with a drinking problem.

    Good luck,


    Hey justsome guy,
    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings! I also live in Dallas and know a few guys in the program that can help you. (Let me know if you received my private message) There are many great groups spread throughout the Dallas area. I hope you find what you are seeking.:c043:


    OK so your an athiest! First off, don’t confuse a higher power with organized religion.
    Secondly, I find it funny that those who don’t believe in a higher power can so powerless over alcohol. Aren’t you on the clutches of a “Higher Power”?


    Go to an AA meeting, share that you are atheist, and ask for a sponsor. You’ll probably end up with the right person.

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