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    I been using for 6 years getting meds from my pain Doc. He keeps increasing my dose, Which I chew instead of use as directed. I really do have some major illnesses with pain. I am so scared of the pain I will be in if I give this up. I know I can never take another pain med with getting addicted again. TI have tried every other med around for my pain and they don’t work. I hate pain, but I hate addiction more. I really need to wait till my kids go back to school from Christmas break but I don’t think I can make it. I have never talked to my Dr. about this, I am scared he will not help and cut me off cold turkey. I read that it takes a 30 day in house program and it’s at least $10k up to 20K. I can brorrow the money no problem. But leaving my job and kids is the hard part. They don’t know anyting.
    I love them so much and honestly don’t think they will understand. I am afraid my husband will take them away from me if I bring this out in the open. We have major issues betweenus and my boys are going through the hard teen years. It’s so hard.
    I am almost positive I can’t quit on my own but have never had to go with out. I do limit myself on my monthly meds, plus gt some from a few freinds who know I have pain and take more than I should. I can’t count on them and don’t want to but am really wanting to go to rehap after Christmas and my kids go back to school. Especially with my kids home everyday on school break.
    This has taken over my life. I can’t get out of bed without drugs. I have lost all my friends and life as it used to be. I hate my myself for this and not knowing how this was going to end (hurting my kids). Any advise?

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