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    My husband is a recovering alcoholic, or so I thought he was.. When I met him he was a full blown alky, and I was a zanex abuser. I got pregnant and we both sobered up. It was over 2 years before he picked up. And of course I followed. We where smoking pot. And then he started drinking. And I started taking zanex again. Long story short, I am sober, not using anyhting, but he is I would call it benge drinking. He comes home from work and has about 5 beers, not every night, but a few times a week.. The last time he got wasted, we got into a huge fight. I had to call his best frined over to help me with him. We have a 2 year old son and a almost 1 year old daughter. He has never really been violent with me, but this time around he is starting too..
    Well, a few days ago, he came home with a 6 pack of beer, after he had that gone, he showed me a bottle of alazay? some kinda liquor. And I knew right there I would get no sleep tonite.. Its like when he drinks and gets drunk, he becomes a different person. I cant talk ro him, I cant rationalize with him, nothing.He ended up calling all of his frineds and fighting with them on the phone. He tried to give his car away.. I mean. its crazy. I had finally got the kids to bed. And I heard him stumbleing around in the kitchen asking for dinner.. I had already cooked it and he had already eaten. I informed him of that, and he got mad. He asked for more beer. I said that he drank it all, he got more mad. SO, I finally got him to lay on the couch, and I was trying to make him laugh hoping to make him in a better mood.. Well, that didnt work, he was trying to grab me, and he fell of the couch. ANd then chased me into the bedroom. My daughter co sleeps so she was on the bed and he grabbed my leg behind the knee and squeezed as hard as he could, I fell on the bed, I had the video camera in my hand the whole time.. When he grabbed my leg, I fell on the bed, my duaghter woke up scremaing because she was scared. He yanked me off the bed, the bed came away form the wall and the baby almost fell on the floor.. He is still sueezing my leg at this point.. My daughter is screaming and he wouldnt let go.. I screamed for him to stop that he was hurting me, and he still didnt stop. So, I finally said that he was scaring me and he stopped. I have all of this on video.
    He didnt make it to work the next day.
    My husband is the kindest, sweetest , best father I could ask for.. But when he drinks he becomes a different person. He woke up about an hour after he went to sleep that same night triyng to get out the front door and he couldnt get it open, so he started beating on the door, this is at like 4:30 in the morning. I stood in the door way and watched, and he pulled his pants down and pissed all over the front door, the high chair, and the last time he was druink he pissed all over the couch…
    I am really to the point where I dont knwo what to od.. Im scared fo rmy kids. I am afraid they will end up in his path of destruction.. How do I talk to him? How do I get him to go to aa or counseling. He doesnt want me to tell anyone about this.. And I tell him that im jsut co sining his bullshit.. Which I dont want to do.. Any advice?
    Im sure theres more… BUt, I cant think right now..

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