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    I’ve really missed this website.
    I thought I was doing good , now I think differently.

    Well I’ve been going to meetings here and there but I need to get serious if I want to get/stay clean. August 30th 09 was my first day in Outpaitent. I was there for two months and I did Ok. I did screw up a bit.

    First it was coacain, then weed, then pills.

    Now, I made the most stupidest mistake of my life. I did heroin again.
    I got checked (tox) by the drs. and showed up pos. and now my Suboxones were taken away from me. They will give them to me for $10.00 a pill, screw that.

    I’m thinking about going to Inpatient like someone suggested here a while ago, but here are some issues:

    1. I am taking two online classes and they are over in 20 days. How do I get out of that without failing? I was thinking possibly asking for an extension but scared of the answer.

    2. Wil I need Suboxone after I get out? I’ve had it with pills, opiates, heroin EVERYTHING. I want out of it.

    3. I am scared of hospitals. Last month or so I was forced into the hospital for a few days, not very fun and I don’t appreciaite it how I didn’t have a say.

    4. I don’ot know if my insurance will pay for it because I was already in Out. and now I want to go in.

    Are there tv’s there? How will I detox? Is it very uncomfortable?
    Thanks and any advice will help me

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