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    in retrospect it’s going to be the demise of it. I think it’s somewhat normal for people who are early on in their recovery to be all about their recovery. I must be honest and say that these days all I want to do is work and exercise. As any addict knows an idle mind is indeed the devils workshop. I’m pumping along and I feel pretty good but when I told my girlfriend I didn’t want any alcohol around either anymore she got very irritated with me. MY NAME IS KEVIN AND I’M A RECOVERING OXY ADDICT. I’ve never really had a major problem with alcohol but since I’m taking my physical and mental health very serious I figured why even mess with the stuff. Long story short, last night she told me liked me better when I was drunk and high. I thought getting clean and putting my life back together would be good for us but I can already see where this is most likely headed. The saddest part is that I’m not even so sure I care anymore. My recovery is the number one thing in my life right now and for today I will remain sober. Ran 4 miles this morning before work and I’m going to try and do another 4 tonight. I’m training for one of those mud run things 🙂 Much love and thanks to everyone who has offered support and compassion. Thank you.

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