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    I stubbled accross this site seeking advise on how to stop my weekly binge of 10 -20 standard drinks…i would wake up after the binge like the other posts (i thought i was alone with these feelings) …it feels great to know if i give up drinking i will rid myself of the anxiety /panic attacks…my day after a big night would consist of huge panic attacks and i wouldnt eat a thing for 2 days,i would hide in my room all day..then i would struggle going to work for days after.
    I know its going to be hard but i believe i can do it! If someone strongly pushes a beer on me i will tell the i have a drinking problem..the thing is i never admitted that i did and its taken me a solo trip to europe to finally admit to myself that drinking is my number one health issue and not anxiety!
    so i thank you all who have posted there comments on this website you have inspired me to start living ! Mwah!:ghug

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