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    I posted in family and friends. I am married to an alcoholic. When we met almost ten years ago I also drank. I’m not sure if you would call me an alcoholic but I was for sure a binge drinker and drank every other day without fail until I got pg and stopped. I picked back up on weekends after my children were born but soon realized that they were more important to me and I had no right. I was/am a lucky one.
    Two years ago I lost my female best friend. She was 36. She had been battling alcoholism since I met her at 20. I knew her secrets, why she drank, her struggles trying to quit, her hopes and dreams……then…..just like that…..her liver failed and it was over.
    Then last year……my male best friend died at 50. He had quit drinking a few years prior but he had already damaged his liver. He quit drinking but then picked it up again on social occasions and fell victim to it. He died and five days later our friends found him dead.
    I have been through probably every situation you can think of because of alcoholism. I’ve been one, married to one, best friends with them. I’ve loved them, left them, fought them, been beat by one.
    I used to be a victim and now I’m a survivor.
    I don’t judge because I was there and I also know there are good people behind the sickness.
    I no longer struggle with alcoholism. I know that I can not drink period because when I do I always want more, which leads to really poor judgement and I do things I normally would not do.
    I know the feeling of trying to quit, the anxiety, the fear and how easy it is to just go get a drink.
    I can tell you that it’s a rocky road but one well worth it and eventually it’s no longer a chore to not drink, it doesn’t even enter your mind.
    I’m no saint and I’m not perfect but I am one dang good mother and a loyal friend.
    I’m glad I found this site and all of you. It’s nice to know maybe I can help and you can help me. Even though I’ve been through a ton I always learn new things.
    I hope it’s okay I post here as well.:praying

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