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    LIKE turn back the clocks and choose… Whether I could be a normal, social, moderation drinker or a non-drinker?

    I now feel like I’d rather be a non-drinker. I’m actually quite content right now to spend tonight, Friday night, with the kids and no alcohol whatsoever. I am very content with this.

    It took a LOOOONG time to get here (and I pray it stays). I’ve got some really rough stuff going on in real life that’s pressing all the drinking buttons but I’m not even interested. Drinking wont fix any of those better than a wax statue of myself.

    Lately the former drunken life just doesn’t look all that appealing. Its taken a ton of meditating, running, riding, reading and its all been worth it. What do you know, it pays off.

    It was not possible for me to know how good sobriety could feel when the first weeks and months were pure hell. Hanging on, even when I doubted there was a good reason for hanging on, actually paid off.

    Maybe I got so used to the instant gratification that drinking provided me with that I was left without much patience for the long road of recovery???

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