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    I just finished it…I had read so many horror stories, I was afraid to stop but when I ran out, I had to. It’s NOT AS BAD for some people. I was taking 6-12 rox a day and only one day is really unbearable…the other days are like an annoying stomach bug.
    Day 1 – watery eyes hot/cold sweats
    Day 2 – diarreah, watery eyes, hot/cold sweats, insomnia, anxiety
    Day 3 – THIS IS THE BAD DAY – uncontrollable vomiting, diarreah, etc, etc
    Day 4 – minor dirreah, loss of appetite, no energy, insomnia
    Day 5 – Insomnia, no energy, no appetite
    Day 6- Insomnia
    Day 7 – You’ll feel normal again but you’ll be dragging and have trouble sleeping,

    Ive tried subutex before, but thats just trading one drug for another, so I did it the hard way and looking back, other than the one day I had my head burried in a bucket– it really wasn’t bad at all, no worse than the flu

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