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    This mesage got really messed up….probably-no surely because I have a buzz……I lost the first part of my post, which was suppose to state how supportive my hubby is and how he—- would take me, or go buy me more, if I’m out…… he didn’t have to worry about me driving/drinking. I KNOW I’m going to get some negative responces, but that IS FINE. I deserve a good lashing.
    I am so sick of this PLAGUE! Da** I want a shot of ANYTHING. No, I really want huge shot of “the cure” potion……….but that is a dream.

    I guess I need to concentrate on some yummy peas and rice to go with the Pork Chops I have cooking, BUT I WANT A DRINK!

    Thank you…EVERYBODY……for letting me read and learn from :c021:your posts….I just wish it would sink in for me :>(

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