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    Really wasn’t much of a drinker at all until about 2 years ago. It started out on weekends I would drink friday and saturday nights. I guess all my friends and even family socially drank on weekends. I noticed a problem about a year ago, when I told my fiance I haven’t gone a weekend without a drink in a very long time. About a year my weekend drinking started to spill over onto sundays during the day.

    Never missed work or anything like that, but in about a year ago I started noticing I was having minor anxiety/panic attacks at work on mondays after a really long wekeend of drinking.

    That got me concerned about my habits, and it almost seems as soon as I figured out I had a problem my drinking spun out of control to drinking at times a week straight.

    A month ago I got let go from my job and ended up landing a work at home job which is even better, but that basically lets me drink almost every night.

    I dont seem to get the anxiety unless I drink a real lot, or for a long period in hours. I decided I want to stop completely, and I figured I’d have one last hurrah this past week. This morning I woke up basically still drunk from drinking all day yesterday. I stopped at about 10:30 when I basically passed out. I have a breathalyzer and I am just now getting to the point of having 0.00 BAC.

    My problem is I have such horrible anxiety I almost need to get drunk to take it away. I’m in a horrible spiral here, and I want out. I just figured I’d try and occupy myself, to take my mind off the anxiety and I found this forum, I hope it can help me like it helps others.

    I am really in the pits mentally right now, I feel guilty and like such a loser for doing this to myself. I’m shaking pretty badly having a hard time typing.

    I hope I can get through today, I think my symptoms will lighten up alot if I get past today.

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