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    Hi all, so grateful to be sober and to have found such a wonderful community. I’ve been reading posts here for about six weeks and decided to officially sign up today. I was hoping for a little reassurance or help from others who share a similar experience. I am newly sober (November 14). I am driving myself absolutely crazy worrying about my health. I went to the doctor and all labs and a sonogram came out perfectly normal and she literally laughed at me when I asked about cirhossis (sp.). I was a heavy (4-10 drinks/day) drinker for about ten years. I have a little bit of pain about where my gallbladder is and while the sono showed no stones, she suggested another test for function and wants to do a CT to check out a kidney stone that showed up on the sono. Long story longer :)… I have no real medical basis to think I have serious liver damage but I am losing sleep over the possibility. I’m even worried about a little brown color in the blue of my eyes – google made me afraid it was copper deposits from liver malfunction. I think I need a 12 step program to help me quit google-ing! Most importantly, though, is the fact that I no longer have to drink today to quell my anxieties and I am so, so grateful for that!

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