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    Hi Everyone

    Obviously I am new and found my way here for various reasons.

    A while ago, I started questioning myself if my drinking was a tad too much but dismissed it quite easily with the stress and other factors going on.

    I am still unsure as to what I am or am not and what to do so I have come here in search of a discussion, suggestion, thoughts, ideas etc.

    About a month ago, it was my partners birthday so had a massive party, started during the day and went to the night although i was the only one who went through to the early hours of the next day.

    It was then I said to my partner (in my intoxicated state) that maybe I have a problem and it was pushed aside due to the state I was in. I then started to do some online quizes to see what they said and they all direct towards a major issue.

    My confusion lies with only partially relating to some of the suggested things like losing family and friends or jobs and that kind of thing.

    How do you really know for sure if you are an alcoholic?

    I have even joked in the past about being someone who is easily addicted to things and have to be addicted to something at one time and once I give something up i start on something else.

    Ok, so I am venting out a few things but really what I wanted to know is where to from here? I am here, and feel some sort of scared feelings about never drinking again but dont know what to do next or how to feel about it, when to start, do I need to do all that or is it that I am just a heavy drinker who can stop if they wanted to? How do i know?

    Any thoughts etc would be fantastic…

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