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    I got here now because my anger got the best of me and I’m terrified. I helped my husband get clean and sober from crack, helping him get off probation, etc. and now I find myself angry at him, and I was drunk when I assaulted him.

    He took out an order of protection on me, and now I can’t even see my babies unless I’m supervised. For the past few months, I’ve felt he was back on something, but could never prove it. I grew increasingly frustrated at his behavior and I myself started drinking more. One night, he tried to take a car that I asked him not to take because there was no insurance on it covering him. He insisted on getting in it and I got mad and grabbed him to keep him from getting in and the screwdriver in my hand nicked his shoulder (I was putting hardware back on the front door after painting it)… Now I’m facing aggravated assault.

    I love him and I’m sorry for what happened, but how can he throw me under the bus like this? I’m getting help.

    I stuck by him in jail after his crack relapse, etc…

    If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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