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    Tonight, a member of the IOP group Ive been co-facilitating taught me a valuable lesson. I’ve seen similar attitudes here and I hope I can convey just how deeply I was affected.

    Essentially, the man called himself a “functioning alcoholic”. He knew, he said, that it was possible to keep on drinking and still hold down a job. Just go to work sober, come home and drink. He really had no concept of progression, etc. It was something he expected would happen for him, this “functioning alcoholic” status. He had no use, he said, for AA meetings.

    The group converged on him.

    “Then why are you here?”
    “You’re wasting your time and ours”
    “You’re just here so you don’t get thrown out of the house”
    “You don’t want to get like me do you?”
    “You don’t really believe you’re an alcoholic!”

    The guy had been sitting, head down sort of wringing his hands. Clearly he was uncomfortable. I reeled the group back in and he looked up.

    “I know I’m an alcoholic,” he said. “I’m just not sure I care.” It wasn’t challenging or angry. It was his simple truth in that moment.

    I remember being at that point, at that moment. No longer do we question whether we’re addicted, just whether there is any value to life without it. It is a lonely place.

    My hope for all of us today: that we need never go back to that place. And for those reading that are at that point, I humbly suggest there is a solution.

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