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    The title says it all.I’m away from my family living in a hotel with people who know I’m in a program and try to be conciderate to it but it goes like this 11 pm last night I’m sleeping which is not easy for me well a guy who I hardley know knocks at my door and says seeing that your the only one sober we elected you for another beer run.Well I was not happy to say the least and I didnt go but I also didnt get back to sleep either.When I go to dinner at the resturant if I see one of my co workers their like you can have one one never hurt anyone and if you go for more I’ll make sure you dont yea ok.I miss my son and my wife and Im worried about my little dog (she’s sick).
    So today when I get back to the hotel I’m changing my room then Im going to get on my computer and find a meeting in this little but [email protected]& town.I need f2f I’m just so sad the weather doesnt help and I always get more depressed in oct:c020:

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