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    Not sure where to begin. My boyfriend is presently incarcerated. He’s getting out next year and plans on going to a halfway house to ease back into society. He’s been incarcerated 4 years as of this year.

    He’s a recovering cocaine and heroin addict. He’s been clean since he’s been incarcerated and has gone through the prison drug abuse program. He was court mandated into one.

    I guess I just need to know – or if someone can give me some insight as to how hard it may be for him once he’s released. I’m not a drug user – never have been, but I guess I need to know a heads up. Is he going to find it difficult to continue to stay clean? After 5 years are there still urges and cravings? Do “triggers” ever go away? As time progresses, does it ever get easier? I plan on attending a class myself so that I can be educated too.

    I know that it’s all up to him to continue treatment and to say “no”. I guess I’m just looking to know if anyone on this forum has ever been to prison and the struggles that they faced when they came out into society.

    So, if anyone can help me, it would certainly be appreciated. I’m just really lost with all of this.

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