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    My husband has been using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with life’s stresses. He refuses to use pills because his dad abused those and ended up dying and he doesnt want to end up that way, but he will self-medicate with alcohol and meth. When I make a big deal about him using, he says “so what if I spend $20-40 a week or every two weeks’ like it’s not a big deal. He doesn’t see himself when he’s using, he doesn’t know what he is like when he uses and the days after he uses. He is so agitated and dangerous. Under the influence has done things to me and he can’t stop himself and then apologizes later and says he will stay sober, but he has said that so many times, I don’t believe him. I don’t like to see him that way, all paranoid and hearing things and seeing things and he thinks I’m being conniving and sneaking around behind his back, but he doesn’t see all that. He believes what he sees and hears while he is using and that is scary. I really don’t want to lose him, but I don’t know what to do. He says he needs help, but he goes as far as seeing a doctor, but won’t take the medication prescribed to him. He’d rather self medicate. I’m at a loss, the only times he stays sober is when I leave him, then he uses when I come back. I love him sober. Does anyone have any advice for me? 🙁

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