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    I recently started having vicious episodes of anxiety and trembling that I blamed on the fact that I would polish off a half pint of vodka and a six pack every night. After many, many, many days of saying to myself ‘I will quit tomorrow’ I finally quit. About a week later I went to see my doctor who informed that quitting was incredibly dangerous without medical supervision.

    My anxiety attacks have gone away. I’ve started exercising. I feel amazing. However, I still have one odd problem. Occasionally, mostly when I’m at work but sometimes it happens elsewhere, I will lean on something solid and feel like it is moving. Or I the ground will seem unstable and I will feel almost as if I’m surfing except for that the movement is so much smaller than that. I have to take a surfing stance to feel stable. It’s just a slight movement. Like when you can shift a table that is a bit wobbly. Normally I would just Google the symptom but I don’t know how to word it. It’s not dizziness and I’m not sure if it’s considered loss of balance.

    Does anyone know what this is? Will it stop? Do I need to see a doctor? Is it due to the fact that I was drinking to excess every night? Can I take a pill or vitamin or herb to make this go away? Other than insomnia I’ve had no other problems. I think I may also be seeing spots but I’m not sure

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