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    When im not drinking the positives are,

    1. I dont have anxity
    2. Im not deppresed
    3. My adhd medication actually works
    4. I get dates or keep can keep a girl
    5. i commucicate with people better
    6. Im not angry………etc

    so with all the positives and even going months at a time I always seem to be drawn back to it. It starts by me going to happy hour and having a couple beers and having a great time. By the time the week is up im going to happy hour everynight and drinking as many as i can in 2 hours and unstead of being social and happy I become angry and withdrawn. I’ll go 3 months with no promblems not drinking but im alaways drawn back thinking im missing out on somthing and always relize I missed out on nothing. If i had any self control I could have a good time having a few drinks but apparently I dont. Im 31 and most of freinds have been drinking buddies and trying to find freinds that dont drink and arent boring is hard. Great site this is my first time on here it will be good to here other people and how they deal with it.


    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings Justin,

    Yes, when I don’t drink my life is better too!

    Sober 6 weeks now and grateful to be sober.

    Have a coffee (just made a new pot) and stick around. You will meet many great folks here.



    hey! if i had self control when it came to alcohol, i wouldnt need aa and i wouldnt be an alcoholic!! i know i miss drinking sometimes too, the duis, the acting like an idiot, blacking out, spending money i dont have on going out, being the “fun girl” ie falling off stages at clubs, random hook ups that result in calling them “bftn” boy from tuesday night, almost losing my job, having all my friends mad at me for acting like a b sometimes…. lets go to the bar, sounds like fun now! hahahhaha


    Hi Justin, glad to see you found some positives in sobriety. Sorry to hear you’re a bit bored, I’m sure with time you’ll find life becomes interesting again. Actually, I’m not missing the booze on a day to day basis at all, its more the sudden impulses I have to guard against when I think along the lines of ‘oh to hell, what the ****, I’m going to get a drink and I don’t care’ that I have to guard against. But this great 12 Step National Meetings site is helping me such alot, I just make it a rule with myself to at least look in every day as a reminder. I must admit, I am quite boring, but then I was when I was drinking, so no change there.


    Hi Justin….:)
    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings!

    I found many new sober friends in AA meetings.
    We share the same goals and we are not bored!

    Let’s see…Friday was our monthly celebration for sober birthdays.
    Sat. we cleaned up the meeting hall.
    Sun. Some watched football …cooked out.
    Mon…We had a Pizza party…music…dancing…card and board games.
    Tue….Cleaned hall again …threw out leftovers
    Today…6 of us shopped and lunched out

    🙂 and we now have a pet! A pup showed up…kinda skinny
    and scared. We put out water…bought dog food and he is
    sleeping on a blanket outside the door.

    Sooo Justin…there is much to do with a sober life.
    Glad you are here with us…


    Welcome to the forum, Justinb33

    It sounds like the positives of sobriety outweigh the positives of drinking for you.

    I hope you can find something to help you here. My life is better sober, and many of us came to the same conclusion as you.


    Im 31 and most of freinds have been drinking buddies and trying to find freinds that dont drink and arent boring is hard.

    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings Justin, I reached the point where I did not even have drinking buddies, there was no one hanging out in my garage with me in the end and as long as I had my beer I really did not give a hoot whether I was drinking by myself or with someone else as long as I was drinking.

    Today I have friends, real freinds, real sober friends!!! I found rooms full of prospective friends, I love everyone of them and they love me, are they all friends of mine? No, at a minimum though they are aquaintances that love me and who I can call at any time of the day if I need one of them and they are there for me just like I am there for them.

    I will have a year sober on the 18th, my sobriety, my friends, my aquiantenances, my happiness and my very life I owe to the fellowship and 12 steps of AA. If what I have today sounds like something you want to have there are rooms full of people like me who love nothing more then to give away freely what they have to any one who wants what they have.


    Justin, there are some interesting posts in answer to the topic “What was your bottom”. You’ll see quite a variety. I’d say take your pick. There’s plenty more misery out there if you haven’t yet had enough but I’d rather welcome you to sober living earlier than later. After a while the parties seem to stop and the disease becomes more obvious. Well, anyway, that’s what I noticed.

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