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    I made the mistake of going out last night. This is something I never have done before; that is going out to a public place by myself like the vfw. I went to the vfw and stayed to the point of having people bring me home. I feel like staying in my room forever.

    I just took my meds in hoping to calm down. I’m crying now. My meds will take another 4 to 6 weeks to work after last night.


    I am not sure what a vfw is but I am thinking that you drink there. Things can get better, I know the feeling of waking up and wondering about what the hell I just did the night before. What a relief it is to have that monkey off my back.

    I accepted that I could never control alcohol, that for me it was a poison that affected me badly, just took me over. I just wasn’t able to drink at all, no first drink. It was never the 10th drink that did it to me, it was always the first, that was the one that led to the next 20 or whatever it was until I passed out. As long as I don’t have the first drink I am ok.

    AA recommends that you think about each day as it happens, just stay sober for today.

    peace and love,


    RJ, I too don’t know what VFW is, but regardless, many people have a slip and fall along the way. The most important thing is to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get back on track. Once you do that, do an assessment, determine why you used as best as you can and then you have a reminder of what not to do, as well as identifying triggers to watch for in the future.

    During my initial attempts I slipped quite frequently. It took almost a year to get it right. But hey, now I am fine. 🙂

    Peace, Levi


    Ah Yes..the bar at Veterns of Foreign Wars clubs!
    Cheap booze and men to flirt with!
    I knew many of them when drinking…:eek5:

    I am sorry you made a bad choice…especially in the
    respect that it will affect your medication schedule.

    I too took a long time to stay sober..AA meetings are where
    I learned how to do sobriety…and to enjoy my new life.

    This can be true for you as well…give iit a chance.



    RJ – Today is a new day! And this new day is all you have. What do you say to not picking up today? I know you can do it (or not do it — not pick up, I mean. You know what I mean!!)



    Thanks for the responses.

    I’m going to stay away from a few places and work on not picking up. I always have that guilty feeling and it feels lousy. I don’t want people hating me and such and I worry about that. I know moving on is important. First night going to the vfw at night like that.

    My trigger is I think knowing that I can pick up a drink. I don’t have a real rreason to do so either. I don’t have a social life, I live a pretty isolated life and I think this might be an issue which would make things worse for me. I have my own set of issues, alot on my mind, and am on meds and I know I shouldn’t be drinking at all.

    I am disallowed from another place/bar which is a good thing, maybe it’s for the better.



    Sounds like a very painful lesson. Remember that pain next time you want to pick up a drink again.

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